• Volleyball
  • Cross Country
  • Basketball
  • Math and Leadership
  • Soccer
  • Badminton


  • AISA member schools believe in the development of global citizens through academic, athletic, and multicultural endeavors. 
  • AISA seeks to foster multicultural exchange and diversity among member schools by sponsoring athletic, academic, and leadership events, by providing forums for international interaction, and by serving as an extension of each member school’s program to enhance the development and diversity of the students, the schools, and the association.


AISA aims to help member schools better achieve their respective mission statements and philosophies of developing global citizens and promoting multicultural diversity through athletics, academics, leadership activities, and other opportunities.


AISA sponsors events to pursue the following goals: 

  • to encourage socialization and cooperation among students; 
  • to help students develop a sense of fair play; 
  • to help students understand principles of group participation; 
  • to help students develop a sense of self-control and discipline; 
  • to help students understand the importance of participating to the best of one’s ability; 
  • to offer students opportunities to broaden horizons through intercultural interaction.
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